Etusivu Curriculum Vitae

Ilmari Mäenpää started his composition studies in 1996 at Oulu Conservatory with Oliver Kohlenberg. During the same year he started his composition studies at Helsinki University Music Dept. with Harri Vuori. Ilmari Mäenpää was awarded with Pro Musica-scholarship in 1999. Veikkaus Oy granted him their Scholarship For Young Artist for his success as a young composer. He celebrated his bachelor's degree in philosophy in 2001. He continues his studies aiming to write a thesis in musical sciences. He has received financial aid for compositional work from Niilo Helander Foundation and Pohjois-Pohjanmaa Cultural Foundation. Oulu Region Board Of Arts granted him a full one year scholarship in 2007. The year 2008 started with another half-year scholarship granted by Pohjois-Pohjanmaa Cultural Foundation. Ilmari Mäenpää was the house composer for the Liminka Music Week in the summer 2008. At the moment he works supported by one-year full grant from the Oulu Region Board Of Arts.

Ilmari Mäenpää's work as a composer is coloured by his interest in technology and other arts, especially poetry and visual arts. As a composer his ideas spring from visual imagery and sensations. Vocal music plays a central part in his output, which also includes chamber music and works for large orchestra. Ilmari Mäenpää is one of the founding members of the festival for modern music (Uuden Musiikin Lokakuu). Ilmari Mäenpää has masterminded and realized E-Concerthouse, the internationally acclaimed music distribution portal.

Vihreä Virta (The Green Stream) is one of the major works of Ilmari Mäenpää's early period. This composition was born during the winter of 2001-2002 as he worked supported by a scholarship from Art Center Salmela. Aikamatka (Journey Through Time) - a fantasy for orchestra - was the winning composition in the contest of City of Oulu for the city's 400th anniversary in 2005. Ilmari Mäenpää has composed music also for special ensembles, such as for Virpi Räisänen-Midth who performs simultaneously on vocals and the violin. One work written especially for her is Trasparente which has been performed often around the globe. In addition, many of his works are continually being performed in concerts, both in Finland and abroad.


Prizes and stipends:

Oulu Region Board Of Arts 2009 (One year Stipend for Composing)
Osthrobothnian Cultural Foundation 2008 (Stipend for Composing)
Oulu Region Board Of Arts 2007 (One year Stipend for Composing)
Osthrobothnian Cultural Foundation 2006 (Stipend for Composing)
City of Oulu 2006, First prize in composition competition.
Finnish Cultural Foundation 2006 (Stipend for SOI-project).
Finnish Cultural Foundation 2004 (Stipend for SOI-project Workgroup: Mäenpää/Nissilä)
Osthrobothnian Cultural Foundation 2004 (Stipend for Composing)
Wihurin rahasto 2003 (Stipend for SOI-project)
Niilo Helander Foundation 2003 (Stipend for Composing)
Wihurin rahasto 2002 (SOI-project)
Oy Veikkaus Ab 2002 (Young artist stipediate)
Art Centre Salmela, spring 2002 (Stipendiate, working room)
Finnish-Swedish Culture Foundation 2001 (SOI-project; Travel stipend to Stockholm)
Niilo Helander Foundation 2001 (Composing)
Finland State Music Commission 2001 (SOI-project)
Pro Musica 1999 (Prize for composing studies)