Etusivu Compositions Three arrangements to yoiks by Niilo Rasmus.
Three arrangements to yoiks by Niilo Rasmus.

Gufihttar, Ealin Balgat, Olat Ande.
For Sami singer and string quartet.
Total duration approx. 20'
Arranged in 2005-2006 (premiered in Oulu Oct. 2005, Aug. 10 in Kiiminki).

(Eallin Balgat, Eeva-Liisa Rasmus, Oulu Sinfonia string quartet)
(Gufihttar, Eeva-Liisa Rasmus; Oulu Sinfonia string quartet)
(Olat Ande, 2006 Jenna Rasmus, Oulu Sinfonia string quartet)

Originally these yoiks are by Niilo Rasmus, an Utsjoki Sami. I strived to respect the original melody and character of these songs when arranging them for string quartet. Collaboration between Jenna (from vocal group Jiella), Eeva-Liisa and Niilo Rasmus will continue in near future – it is our goal to arrange a concert dedicated entirely to Sami music and string quartet.



This song is a story of Antti Tenonranta and his journey of marriage proposal. His father would not accept the neighbour’s daughter as wife for him, as he thought she was too small. Therefore Antti traveled far away to the origins of Teno river. The journey was fruitful as Antti found himself a companion for life, and even his mother approved of her.


Eallin bálgát is a story of gaining independence and growing up and how difficult and sorrowful it may be to leave childhood behind when moving on to ‘a new life’.


According to Sami folklore, elves lure people into their world with riches, for example. Small children would not be left outside without a guard, as Gufi httar might come and exchange a child for his own ill child (gufi httar lonuhus).