Etusivu Compositions Kuulas (Clear, bright, transparent)
Kuulas (Clear, bright, transparent)

Cello / Organ
Duration 12’
Composed in 2008 (Commissioned by the Congregation of Kiiminki, premiered Nov. 23rd 2008)


Kuulas was commissioned to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Kiiminki Congregation. This work was sketched and entitled before completion of the new organ at location. I didn’t want to finish the work before the work on organ was fully complete. I heard the new organ at the inauguration event in October 2008. The title was appropriate to describe the sound of this new instrument. (Kuulas = clear, bright, transparent)

Sometimes even the most original of ideas does not have the energy to grow up into a completed work. I abandoned the sketches I wrote in the spring, and started from scratch again. This is why this work is not necessarily the most appropriate musical equivalence for this wonderful Finnish word “Kuulas”. This work was inspired by the rich tone of the new organ and by layers of many different periods in music. Therefore I chose some very special and unprejudiced solutions to the style of this piece. At the time of its birth I also had a very strong sense of history; the sense of lives lived with the joys and sorrows around the church of Kiiminki with the consolation it has brought to the people.