Etusivu Compositions Veden Värit (The colours of water)
Veden Värit (The colours of water)

Veden Värit (The colours of water)
Electroacoustic / audiovisual piece
Duration 11’
(Commissioned by UML, premiered Oct. 2008 at UML Festival)

{mgmediabot2}lightbox=Watch the video|path=images/stories/video/VedenV.flv|title=Veden väriti|width=530|height=530{/mgmediabot2}

This work was composed utilizing electroacoustic methods. I filmed the visual images for this work myself. The visualization is based on the material I created during my studies at Taideteollinen Korkeakoulu and the underwater material I shot in September 2008. Water is the dearest element of all when it comes to inspiration and I have several earlier works with water motifs for traditional instruments. The soundtrack for this work consists of both processed natural sounds and synthetic sounds.

With this piece I wanted to work not only with the essence, the colour, or the transparence of water but also with the threat it may present. In the underwater footage a string with rowan tree berries was used as a visual element. The work ends with a leaf on the bottom of the stream depicting the end of its cycle of life.