Etusivu Compositions Jäänalaisia heijastuksia (Reflections beneath ice)
Jäänalaisia heijastuksia (Reflections beneath ice)

For solo accordion
Total duration 11’ [ Part I Sukellus, Part II Lepää]
Composed between 2004/2006. (Commissioned by Timo Kinnunen, premiered in Belgium May 13 2004. 2nd movement premiered Aug 13 2006)

From the beginning of Part I (Timo Kinnunen, Temppeliaukio church 2007)

From the beginning of Part II (Timo Kinnunen, Temppeliaukio church 2007)


This piece for accordion was born after request by Timo Kinnunen for a performance in Belgium. After a difficult beginning the first movement was born in few hours. It was springtime during which the icy river starts to melt, a personal highlight of that season. The transparence of ice and the play of rays of sun under the ice lead me to this musical texture. At that time the media informed the world of the fate of Dominique Arduin. I believe this had effect on this work, but it was essentially the beautiful sight under ice which lead me to write the 1st movement. The 2nd movement was written during the summer of 2006. Again, finding the inspiration proved to be difficult. Finally I came across this choral texture which attracted me to write the 2nd movement. I still intend to finish the piece with a 3rd movement.